Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thoughts on Abstinence Education

Here are my views on abstinence education. It is good to teach young girls to not give in to demands for sex, without careful consideration. If that what is being taught, it has my wholehearted support. I’m sure that my old-timey religious beliefs put me out of touch with today’s youth, but some truths transcend generational differences.

Timeless truth number one: adolescent males spend a great deal of time thinking about and pursuing sex.

Timeless truth number two: adolescent girls who give in to pressures from aforementioned adolescent males are often motivated by incorrect assumptions, i.e. “he will dump me for another girl if I don’t give him what he wants.”

Timeless truth number three: if adolescent male is not attracted to adolescent female for other, more significant reasons, her sexual compliance will not sustain his interest.

Timeless truth number four: if adolescent female submits easily to sexual demands, she will be exploited by male peers and disrespected by female peers.

My conclusion: traditional, religious standards still dictate society’s views of sexual behavior. Girls who quickly acquiesce to demands for sex will be labeled as “sluts,” and will suffer diminished self-worth as a result. Boys who easily obtain sexual favors will learn to view women as sub-human objects. There are many good reasons, besides disease and pregnancy, for a young woman to resist the pressure to have sex with a young man who has not demonstrated a long-lasting appreciation for her non-sexual attributes.

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Maxine Weiss said...

Well said, but you still have to get around the problem of hormones !!!

Peace, Maxine