Saturday, April 7, 2007

The breastgate blogstorm poem

This is my poem posted in response to the "blogstorm" over Ann Althouse's comments on the Jessica Valenti "breastgate" controversy. Jessica, a self-proclaimed feminist, went to a blogger lunch with Bill Clinton, and posed in a photograph wearing a knit top that seemed to accentuate her attractive figure. The latest Althouse post here :

What shall I wear, to lunch with Bill?
This question really gives me fits
A suit, a jacket, no - I still
Want him to see I have nice tits

To leftist thought, I will be true
And "feministing" is my name
But charmed by Clinton's eyes of blue
I'll use my breasts to garner fame.

When I write in the Guardian
That blogging's not a life of ease
Althouse, so un-Edwardian!
Suggests that I've sold out to sleaze.

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