Saturday, April 7, 2007

BE (a love poem)

Come be the cool refreshing rain that makes my desert bloom
Come be my sun on cloudy days, and chase away the gloom
Be music in my solitude, to make my spirit dance
When my heart burns with longing, satisfy me with romance
On sultry nights, come be the breeze that cools my fevered skin
When all my friends have closed their doors, be one who lets me in
When I am weary, be the pillow where I rest my head
Be moonlight in my window, shining softly on my bed
On lonely nights, lie down with me and hold me for a while
And when my sleep is fitful, be the dream that makes me smile
Bring order to my chaos, shelter to my wilderness
Bring reason to my madness, wisdom to my foolishness
Be joy in times of sadness, comfort in my day of grief
And if my faith should waver, help to strengthen my belief
I know you can’t be everything I want for you to be
But if you say you love me, that will be enough for me.

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