Saturday, December 8, 2007

Re-post of Virginia Tech poem

This seems appropriate once again in light of the mall shooting. Please remember as you undertake your daily activities that each day holds the possibility of death. Always hold your loved ones close and never leave their company without telling them how much they mean to you. There are monsters in the midst of our society and they are not identifiable until they commit some atrocity.

Now mingling with the peaceful flocks
All gentle bleats and snowy fleece
What nightmare beast among us stalks
Whose thirst for blood imperils peace
On sunny days, we watch the skies
For hawks, the harbingers of death
Sometimes, no shadow signifies
The advent of our final breath
And when the thinning veil of fate
Is ripped, like flesh by tooth and claw
Death's visage, recognized, too late
Consigns us to his grinning maw

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