Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hillary poem

It should be no secret from my former postings that I am no great fan of Hillary Clinton. As a female manager, I appreciate all of the advances made in recent years for women's rights and/or gender "blindness" in business decisions. I question why Hillary has stuck by her husband in spite of his very public unfaithfulness. Their relationship seems quite dysfunctional and her defense of him over the years is sick.

Besides being Bill Clinton's wife
What's Hillary done in her life
To earn our respect
We're right to suspect
Her defense of feminist strife

When values of women's rights clash
With power-lust and campaign cash
Mere feminist goals
Mean less than Bill's polls
His victims were just trailer trash.

Defending her unfaithful spouse,
She's less than a man, more a mouse
Why stand by that man
If not for her plan
To regain a Clinton White House.

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