Saturday, April 2, 2011

We are well and truly meeped

I was just going to let this blog die a peaceful death but I can't let a recent gem from Andrew Sullivan go by without notice.

In this post, he is commenting on some gibberish from Kevin Drum, who doesn't like the Libyan invasion (but still trusts Obama because he, Kevin, realizes that Obama is obviously smarter than him), Andrew says,
This sums up my position exactly as well. I have criticized what I regard as a foolish decision because I support this president and passionately want him to succeed.... But whenever he meep meeps me, I don't feel humiliation. Just relief. I remain of the view that we are damn lucky to have him at this fraught moment in history, and that his decisions often look better in the rear-view mirror. 
I don't understand how after Andrew's bitter disappointment in Obama over the last few days, he would still say that we're not just lucky, but damn lucky to have him.

I was never sure exactly what "meep meep" meant but now Andrew has cleared that up for me. Thanks, Andrew!

Meep meep!

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RebeccaH said...

Andrew Sullivan is just... ew.