Saturday, November 17, 2007

Omaha1 is back!

I have been terribly busy throughout the summer months and until the end of October. My seasonal business is now closed for the year and is still mine in spite of my efforts to sell it. I also received a promotion at my job, and while the additional income is certainly welcome, it has added to the pressure in my already-busy life.

I have missed blogging and poetry the last few months and hope to spend more time on it now. The only interference will come from trying to clean up my dirty house, which has been sorely neglected since the middle of April. I have the bathroom and about half the kitchen done now, just need to make the living & dining rooms presentable before Thanksgiving, when I will be entertaining several family members & guests.

My most memorable achievement this summer was catching this lovely eight pound catfish. I did not eat him, he went back in the water after I took his photograph.

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